Youth Employment Making A Comeback

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You have probably heard during the recent recession that young people were particularly impacted by the high unemployment numbers. In fact, in 2010 Black teens had an unemployment rate over 46% and White teens were around 25%, according to the Department of Labor. In 2012, the numbers were greatly improved. Also according to this report, The jobless rate for whites was 14.9 percent, compared with 28.6 percent for blacks, 14.4 percent for Asians, and 18.5 percent for Hispanics. So what does this mean for you finding a job this Summer?

The Summer employment typically peaks in the month of July. The incline starts in the month of April, so the lesson for you is to start your job search early. Don’t wait until school is out to begin looking for work. Take some time to check job sites and ask around in the Spring. Rest assured that everyone will be looking when June rolls around, so at that point you have much greater competition. From the employers perspective, they would much rather have seasonal help lined up early, rather than sifting through candidates at the last minute.

So there’s your queue. Revamp your resume and get to work! Also you should be thinking outside the box a little bit. Not everyone who needs help is out on or Career Builder advertising for it. Maybe you love the outdoors; look up your local parks department and contact them directly. Perhaps you play a sport or participate in another extra curricular activity, talk to your coach or leader and see if they know anyone who is hiring. You are much better off coming in on a referral as opposed to blasting out random job applications.

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