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So you are looking for weekend jobs? We’ve got you covered. Perhaps you are a student who can’t work throughout the week, or maybe you simply need to pick up extra hours to make ends meet. Either way, a good weekend job can be key to paying the bills and saving up some extra cash.

Weekend Jobs That Pay Well

If you are looking for a job on the weekends and you don’t have much experience, don’t overlook waiting on tables. Depending on where you work, you can really make some nice money in tips. As a consumer at restaurants, you know that you typically give 15 – 20% in a tip, for good service. From that, you can deduce that you would make more in tips at a nicer restaurant than a cheap place. Did you ever notice the wait staff at your favorite nice restaurant? They are typically adults, who are likely working there as their full-time gig or at least something that is helping pay the bills. That should be a sign to you. Look for restaurants that have a pricey menu which will in turn mean a hefty tip for you. If you are looking for a chain, even a place like Outback would have a good amount of tip money to be made for a server. If you are 16 and looking to wait tables, you’ll likely have to start somewhere where you won’t serve alcohol but there are plenty of good restaurants in this category.

If you are wanting to preserve your weekend evenings, while still picking up some extra money on a weekend job, then you should think about a place that features breakfast. Maybe this would be Cracker Barrel, Frisch’s, First Watch, etc. When the place has a big breakfast crowd, you can likely pick up some early hours and still make some good money. If you haven’t worked as a waiter before, you generally make a low hourly wage and then tips are really where you make the bulk of your money. Because of this, whether you are after weekend morning jobs or in the evening , it needs to be a place that is booming at the right time. Don’t waste your time with a restaurant that doesn’t really have a peak busy time that you can take advantage of.

Another advantage of working in the food service industry is that many people use the weekends as their time to eat out. While this may be the most inconvenient time for you socially, it will generally pay off as you will have big crowds on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday which means big tips for you! In fact, many service jobs where you depend on a tip aren’t really worth it unless you can work weekends.

Fun Weekend Jobs

Weekend Jobs - Ref BasketballSometimes there are jobs which still pay decent money, but are also fun to do. One that comes to mind is being a referee or umpire for youth sports. Many times grade school kids play their games on Saturdays and Sundays, and leagues are in need of officials with a clean background who can show up on time. If you play the sport yourself, you’ll already have an advantage in being familiar with the rules of the game. Perhaps you are on your high school soccer team, or used to play – it should be no sweat for you to ref a couple of 10 year old’s soccer game.

Besides keeping you active and being fun (assuming you enjoy the given sport you are officiating) this can also pay well. This number will vary based on the age and your geographic location, but typically you can expect $20 – $30 for officiating a youth basketball game. With the short halftimes and shorter quarters, these games typically last less than an hour. It is also common that you can work a few games in a row. So you may officiate a few games on a Saturday morning and walk out with a hundred dollars or so. It is also set up in some cases that you get paid cash by the coaches at the event, meaning that you walk out with cash on the same day! What a great weekend job coaching can be!

Another fun weekend job for the sports fan may be to work as security or event staff for your favorite sports team. If you go to professional sporting events, there are hundreds of people working the event to check bags as you enter and generally keep the peace between fans. These workers are always seasonal, and many times will be a mix of retirees and students who want to work part-time. If you are a big Yankees fan, as an example, what could be better than picking up some weekend hours working at Yankee Stadium during the game? While you generally won’t be able to watch the entire game, you’ll normally be able to see bits and pieces as you walk around the ballpark doing your job. Besides that, as a fan it is very exciting to just hear the buzz and be a part of the atmosphere of the game.

In the same category, many teams use a third party like Aramark to handle all of the vending in the stadium. Young people are generally welcome to work seasonally or on the weekends as a vendor at sporting events and other special events. This could be in food service, or selling souvenirs. Often these jobs are commission based, which means you get a percentage of what you sell. If your local team is good, or pretty popular and draws big crowds, this could also be good extra money and have a unique/fun element to it. (I did this myself in the late 1990’s and would make about $60 per game, working 4-5 hours).

If you live in an area where there aren’t many big time sports teams, but there are plenty of outdoor activities taking place, then maybe you can find weekend work in this sector. For instance, as a college student in Tennessee we were near a river where white water rafting was a big tourist attraction. A number of students would work for one of the local rafting companies as a guide on the weekends and get paid per trip plus tips from the guests. This was a great source of income and of course a ton of fun for those who love rafting anyway. Maybe where you live this could be a local tour guide of your city, working at the parks, or some other fun activity that is unique to your area. If it is something you enjoy, stop by and see if they need help on the weekends.

How To Find A Job On The Weekends

Okay, hopefully this article has at least given you some good starting points and food for thought about where you can find weekend jobs that will pay well, and maybe even be fun. Now the final question to answer is “how do I get started?”

In most instances mentioned above, the best way is to simply show up and talk to somebody. If it is working at a ballpark or stadium, the next time you go to a game walk up to a vendor or event staff and ask how they got that job. They’ll probably know who or where to refer you to. The same goes for other outdoor or tourist activities. The hiring process may well be somewhat informal, so your best shot is simply to go there and see what is available.

Another good starting point to finding a weekend job is social media. Find out if any of your friends or family have jobs on the weekend and if the company needs anyone else for a similar position. Also if you know of a friend who works somewhere that you like on a full-time basis, you can still ask if they know of a need for someone to work weekends only. As the saying goes, you never know until you ask. Feel free to share any other ideas in the comments below.

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