Proper Job Interview Mentality

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As you are stepping into a job interview, it is important that you are keeping things in the proper context. What I mean is, the interview process is a mutual thing. While the employer is trying to figure out if you’ll be a good fit and ultimately be able to do the job, you should be trying to figure out if you want to work there.

Here are a few job interview mentality questions taken from the State of Massachusetts site:

  • Can you do the job? (Do you have the credentials, experience, training, and education required?)
  • Will you do the job? (Are you motivated to succeed?)
  • Will you fit in? (Will they like you and be able to work with you?)

You need to be realistic with yourself when answering these questions. Can you honestly do the job? It is good to have self confidence, but if you are listening to the description of what the position entails and thinking “this doesn’t sound like a fit for me” you should probably move on. At your age you should be able to pursue opportunities that will make for a better fit.

The third question in the list is also key. Ask yourself, “will I fit in?” While you’ll likely only meet a couple of people from the company, try to get a feel for the culture as you walk around the building. What are the average age of the people around you? That doesn’t mean a company full of older employees is a bad thing, but you should get a sense for how rigid or lax the place is on dress code, employee behavior, etc. Do you prefer an open and casual environment? Do you prefer a more structured, quiet workspace? Make sure the signals you see fit with your personality. If not, it may be a non-starter.

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