Proper Job Interview Mentality

As you are stepping into a job interview, it is important that you are keeping things in the proper context. What I mean is, the interview process is a mutual thing. While the employer is trying to figure out if you’ll be a good fit and ultimately be able to do the job, you should be trying to figure out if you want to work there.

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Practical Advice For Your First Resume

I came across a great article today that I thought I’d share for those who may be struggling with creating their first resume. I’ll summarize my takeaways, and then share the article with you. “Think of a resume as an advertisement for yourself.” This is a great way to put it, as you should have the end in mind when you set out to create a resume from scratch. Think about your life experiences and achievements and ask which are the most compelling that might want to make a prospective employer meet you.

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