Jobs For Teenagers – Interview With A Small Business Owner

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We recently asked a few questions as part of our expert series to the owners of Sugarbush Farm in Vermont. The purpose of the interview was to hear from small business owners about what a teenage job seeker should be preparing themselves for.

We even asked for advice about teens who may want to start a business one day. Enjoy!

1. What are the best jobs for teens?

Anything in an area that they might be thinking of going to make a career of- examples teacher – job might be something to do with summer program for children;  something in sports or rec- summer athletic or camp programs; tourism- working at an attraction or hotel; culinary – working at the restaurant,
Or a job where they would learn life skills such as learning respect, customer service, following orders- somewhere where there would be an adult who could serve as a mentor.

2. What advice would you give for a first job interview? 

A: Dress  conservative- no short shorts, dangling earrings, funky shoes  
B: Do some investigation into the place of business you are interviewing for so it looks like you are interested and so you can ask some intelligent questions about the place and  the job.
C: Bring some sort of references with you- if you have not worked anywhere before perhaps have a couple teachers letters of reference, and activities that you have participated in that would show you have skills that business is looking for.

3. What would you say to a teen who may want to own their own business one day?

Go to work in a similar business, perhaps several over a period of time so you have a good idea if you really like that business, take some business classes so you have a good background, find a mentor to help you plan.

4. Any other general advice? 

Be upfront about how much you want to work, and then once committed to a schedule be sure to show up on time. If asked to work extra or later, be very willing. Be sure you have a way to get to a job before you take it. Be truthful about whether you are just looking for a summer job and plan to leave before the summer is over.

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