Jobs For Teenagers: Expert Series – Luke Hohlt

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In the next installment of our expert series, we talked to Luke Hohlt, a high school counselor. He had some good advice for those teenagers seeking jobs that you won’t want to miss.

1. Briefly tell us about your role and experience as a counselor.

Being a counselor has been a very rewarding job. Helping student handle growing through their adolescence is very important. I wasn’t aware of the amount of students that actually struggle with this.

Helping meet their academic, career, and personal needs has been an important part of my job for the last 6 years.

2. What are some of the best jobs for teenagers that help gain valuable experience for the future?

I believe any job that requires responsibility and develops work ethic is key. We encourage students to go out an get a part time job from someone they don’t know.

Students need the experience on not having a connection in getting a job. Many times when seeking a full time job you aren’t going to know your boss or employer. Relying on getting a break for knowing someone isn’t helping them for the next level.

3. What would be your top 1 or 2 pieces of advice for a teenager preparing for their first job interview?

Be confident in yourself. You have filled our an application and been called in for an interview. So far, the employer sees you as someone that could be valuable to their business.

Go in there with the confidence that you can do anything they ask of you.

4. For a teen who just needs money now, what are some of the best job opportunities to make decent money with no experience for someone 17 or 18 years old.

Deliver pizzas, mow yards, deliver newspapers.

5. Outside of a typical online search, are there other creative ways a teen could look for part-time or seasonal work?

Local ads, there are all kinds of odd jobs in our local Shopper.

6. Besides what we’ve asked already, what other advice would you give to a teenager entering the workforce for the first time?

If you never learn how to work hard and take care of yourself, then you will never be able to take care of a spouse and family later in life.

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