Waiting Tables At Cracker Barrel – Great for Teens

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When I was in my late teens I started waiting tables at Cracker Barrel. There are several reasons why a teenager needing work should consider waiting tables at the Barrel. Here are my top reasons based on experience.

1. Cracker Barrel has a simple menu

If you think about it, Cracker Barrel has no alcoholic drinks, so the drink orders are very predictable. They also have no appetizers, so often people simply order a meal and a drink and you really only have to remember 2 things.

It is truly great for someone who hasn’t been a waiter before, because it is easy to learn the process.

2. It is popular for 3 meals per day

Since many people love Cracker Barrel for breakfast, if you are 16 years old and looking for a summer job where you can still enjoy your evenings, you can pick up a morning shift a Cracker Barrel and still make good money.

Of course if you prefer lunch and/or dinner, you can pick up those hours as well. When I worked there, I was working around a college class schedule, so I did a little of every shift – but it is nice to have the option.

3. People love Cracker Barrel

You’ll find jerks everywhere, but Cracker Barrel is often a vacation restaurant for many families. Therefore, you get a lot of people who are traveling or just excited to be eating at Cracker Barrel.

They pride themselves on an old fashioned feel, so you get a lot of old people but mostly they are all in a good mood and happy to be there. This makes your work as a waiter easy, or at least easier than many other places you could work.

If you are interested in picking up a part-time job at Cracker Barrel, I would suggest stopping by and asking for an application. This may give you the opportunity to briefly meet one of the managers, which can’t hurt your chances.

Working as a waiter gives you very little guaranteed income, but with cash tips coming in every day your work – it is a great way to save up some extra money and be paid based on how hard you work.

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