3 Simple Resume Improvement Tips For Teenagers

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Maybe you are putting together your very first resume, or perhaps you’ve had one for awhile and now you are starting to look for a summer job.

Here are 3 quick, actionable ideas to improve your resume immediately!


3 Simple Resume Improvement Tips For Teenagers - focus on your computer skills

Operating a computer is a part of almost every job you are going to find, and in some places being good with a PC or Mac is a requirement. Since you are a “digital native,” that is, you have grown up with computers as part of your life; don’t assume this is the case for everyone.

In fact, that native familiarity is a hot commodity in the job market. You may be thinking that you don’t possess any special skills, but a proficiency you picked up with Microsoft Office in high school is worth mentioning under the skills of your resume.

Just because it comes naturally to you, don’t assume it is that way for people in their 40’s and 50’s.


3 Simple Resume Improvement Tips For Teenagers - Concentrate on the job you are applying for

Resumes are rarely one size fits all, where you can drop the same document to a bunch of different types of job openings and expect it to fit. If you are using an objective statement at the top, this is a great opportunity to customize it for the job you are applying to.

You can also tailor your line items for education or experience to the type of job you are shooting for. For example, if you are applying with an event planning company add that you were on the homecoming committee instead of mentioning a sports team, French club, etc.


3 Simple Resume Improvement Tips For Teenagers - upgrade your template

If you’ve built a resume before, you may know that Microsoft Word comes with a number of pre-made templates. Don’t you think most other applicants are also aware of these templates?

There isn’t anything bad about using a basic template, but consider doing something custom that stands out. Even if it is just mixing up headers and fonts, give it a shot.

Odds are something a little more visually appealing might catch the eye of the person going through one boring resume after another.

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